WaterNet NOPSN and CUNY Meetings


WaterNet – NOPSN Meeting Madras, OR  15 July 2009

Dr. Lucien Cox, NASA HQ program director for WaterNet called a meeting between WaterNet and NOPSN (North Olympic Peninsula Solutions Network) teams to discuss progress and ways to enhance the projects in the final stages of their contracts. Mike Doherty, RC&D provided an overview of the end-user network and public awareness work of NOPSN, the strong point of their network building. Jeff Ward, Battell NW Labs provided the project technical overview and coordination among the Marine Science Lab, Battell, and the local communities. Wigmosta, PNNL reviewed his Hybrid Model hydrologic model.  Lydia Gates introduced WaterNet and Will Pozzi and Dave Matthews provided details of the project.

Waternet Final Review Meeting, CUNY, NY  13-14 August 2009

The WaterNet co-investigators met in NY to review the project and plan the writing of the final report.  Dr. Charles Vorsomarty hosted the meeting at CUNY.  All investigators presented a summary of their work and plans for contributions to the final report. Dr. Lydia Gates, WaterNet PI, led the meeting with Rick Lawford, Clair Welty, UMD, Adam Schlosser, MIT, Hoshin Gupta, U AZ, Georgina Fekete, CUNY, and Will Pozzi, CREW.

{mosimage}P71509WNnopsn.jpg  Dr. Wigmosta, PNNL reviewed his Hybrid Model a high resolution hydrologic model. The WaterNet team met in New York to review progress and plan the final report at CUNY.

Columbia River in Eastern Washington with irrigation dam and center pivot irrigation.p81309wncuny2.jpgP71609WAcpivot.JPG   WaterNet Meetings at CUNY.  Debris flow above Vipava Valley in SW SLO. pa2809av4debrisfl.jpgp81309wncuny3.jpg


EU WaterNet DEMO Project Fall 09

European Demonstration Project Final Report

During the fall Dave Matthews met with partners Janez Polajnar and Gregor Gregoric at the EARS and Mitja Brilly, FGG to plan the final report and follow-on efforts.  Dave and Janez investigated a 100-yr flood event on the Sava near Kranjska Gora where over 200 mm of rain fell in late August.  Several large debris flows were located on the north and south slopes of the Sava valley.  Gregor discussed the DMCSEE drought monitoring project and need for soil moisture observations and high resolution modeling.  Dave took several trips to photograph water resources hydropower and control structure facilities and rivers from the Mura in the east to the Sava and Soca Rivers in the Julien Alps of the west.  Hyperlinks to photos are provided for the highlighted text.


Janez also took us on a sailing adventure across the Gulf of Trieste, where we experienced a moderate Bora on our return with 1.5 to 2 m waves and 20-30 kt winds from the NE. 











2010 Hydrometeorological Work

In 2010 we continued to maintain the WaterNet networking and interactions with previous collaborators and established new connections with the Danish Hydro team that is working with ARSO on improving flood and streamflow forecasts in major river basins of Slovenia. Updates with the NASA web links and new contacts were provided for real-time information retrieval on this web site - see drop-down menus.

Outreach efforts included presentations on floods and hazardous weather events from Tennessee to China including Slovenia, Czech Republic, and Pakistan all of whom experienced record or near record floods, debris flows and much loss of life in Pakistan and India.  A review of Climate Change studies and impacts was presented to 4th year students at the Trnovo Primary School in Ljubljana for their science study.

2013 Weather Networking

Networking with ARSO, Joseph Steffan Institute, and FGG continued this fall.  ARSO added a 600 processor super computer for forecasting and numerical modeling research called BOBER.  ARSO Director Josko Knez and Agriculture Minister Dejan Zidan unveiled the new super computer in August.  It will be used to improve mesoscale and interactive dynamic ocean models of the Adriatic for severe weather predictions.  It can perform 20 billion mathmatical operations per second and cost 640,000 EUR.  The BOBER air-sea interaction research is designed to improve the understanding and simulation of mesoscale moisture and energy fluxes that control precipitation and extreme events. 

ARSO provides much technical forecasting information on their public web page which is leading to better awareness of Slovenian weather conditions and preparedness for damaging extreme weather.  The MeteoAlarm system provides real-time updates of hazardous weather.

Joseph Steffan Institute provides fundamental research in a wide variety of disciplines from medicine to nuclear physics.  Dr. Roman Trobec introduced me to his research in computer science and communications.  His web site provides detailed information about this powerful research.

In 2013, after a dry early season mid-February, March, April and May provided heavy snows that brought our Summit County weather station total accumulated WaterYear snow to 243 inches and 18.14 inches of water equivalent on May 31, 2013.  This resulted in excellent late season ski conditions in the central Colorado Rockies. 

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