EARS Hydrometeorology Meetings Spring 2009

Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (EARS-ARSO)  

May-June 2009

janezpolajnarp6092887.jpgToday I met with Janez Polajnar, EARS chief of hydrologic forecasting to discuss the ARSO data collection and display systems used for analysis and forecasting in Slovenia.  This led to the ideas regarding the need for international data sharing and information exchange of benefit to ARSO and Austria in the Drava River basin.  In response, I prepared a WaterNet Community of Practice brief review of international data sharing and inter state data sharing in the US Pacific Northwest, California, and in the Missouri Basin.  Photo shows Janez demonstrating the real-time products for hydrologic analysis and prediction. 

Next, Dr. Jozef Roskar, retired director of the SLO Meteorological Organization, reviewed his current work on integrating atmospheric mesoscale numerical models into hydrologic prediction systems to improve streamflow predictions see photo of presentations at the WMO sponsored “Regional Workshop on Hydrological Forecasting and Real Time Data Management” posted on the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate web site.. 




jozefroskarp6092891.jpgDr. Roskar then demonstrated current applications of the 9 km resolution NMM model analyses of this past winter and Spring 2009 climate summaries of precipitation and soil moisture over southeastern Europe in support of the DMCSEE project.  Photos show examples from those modeling efforts.  NCEP's STAR program provides remote sensing analyses of Vegetation Health with real-time current analyses on a global basis.  WaterNet discovery meetings with Dr. Felix Kogan in November 2007 provided the first contact with this valuable program. 
His Vegetation Health Index and VCI provide useful analyses for drought impacts.



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