WaterNet NOPSN and CUNY Meetings


WaterNet – NOPSN Meeting Madras, OR  15 July 2009

Dr. Lucien Cox, NASA HQ program director for WaterNet called a meeting between WaterNet and NOPSN (North Olympic Peninsula Solutions Network) teams to discuss progress and ways to enhance the projects in the final stages of their contracts. Mike Doherty, RC&D provided an overview of the end-user network and public awareness work of NOPSN, the strong point of their network building. Jeff Ward, Battell NW Labs provided the project technical overview and coordination among the Marine Science Lab, Battell, and the local communities. Wigmosta, PNNL reviewed his Hybrid Model hydrologic model.  Lydia Gates introduced WaterNet and Will Pozzi and Dave Matthews provided details of the project.

Waternet Final Review Meeting, CUNY, NY  13-14 August 2009

The WaterNet co-investigators met in NY to review the project and plan the writing of the final report.  Dr. Charles Vorsomarty hosted the meeting at CUNY.  All investigators presented a summary of their work and plans for contributions to the final report. Dr. Lydia Gates, WaterNet PI, led the meeting with Rick Lawford, Clair Welty, UMD, Adam Schlosser, MIT, Hoshin Gupta, U AZ, Georgina Fekete, CUNY, and Will Pozzi, CREW.

{mosimage}P71509WNnopsn.jpg  Dr. Wigmosta, PNNL reviewed his Hybrid Model a high resolution hydrologic model. The WaterNet team met in New York to review progress and plan the final report at CUNY.

Columbia River in Eastern Washington with irrigation dam and center pivot irrigation.p81309wncuny2.jpgP71609WAcpivot.JPG   WaterNet Meetings at CUNY.  Debris flow above Vipava Valley in SW SLO. pa2809av4debrisfl.jpgp81309wncuny3.jpg


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