Hydrologic Analysis and Prediction

Hydrologic – End – Users: Examples of Multi – Agency and Country Cooperation

This document provides WaterNet Community of Practice links to a number of examples of multi-agency users of hydrometeorological information and points to what information is available and how the information is used.  New developments are also shown for CHPS – and Delft FEWS, and recent results in the WMO sponsored “Regional Workshop on Hydrological Forecasting and Real Time Data Management” posted on the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate web site.  Meetings today with Dr. Josef Roskar, ARSO led to this very interesting workshop. 

Example of large inter-state and international Hydropower management system:

Bonneville Power Administration
Overview: BPA NW
Hydrologic Forecasting at BPA
National Weather Service – Pacific NW RFC primary forecaster
Federal Columbia River Power System FCRPS
USBR Pacific Northwest Region
US Army Corps of EngineersNorthwest Division Portland District
Reservoir Regulation and water quality
Weather Information from NWS WFO Portland
NOAA and National Park Service Urge Beach-Goers to Break the Grip of the Rip ….
British Columbia Hydropower (BC Hydro )
Hydrology – Shrinking Glaciers
Real-time information (limited on public side)

California CNRFC – NOAA (Much more interesting in Rainy Season Nov-April)
Observations QPE Maps



Hydrology climate QPE summary
AHPS streamflow ensembles and statistical forecasts
ESP Trace hydrograph analyses – customized for users

Missouri Basin RFC  MBRFC
Radar QPE Analysis
Local info by clicking large map on Missouri Basin
Forecast Precipitation (QPF)  forecast tab on this page
NWS -National Centers : NCEP – Hydrologic Prediction Center (HPC )
Manually generated QPF from human integrated model forecasts QPF
These are used in the 12 – 48 h NWSRFS hydrologic forecasts
Office of Hydrologic Development (OHD)
Note the River Forecast Centers have the operational 24/7 Forecasting responsibility OHD supports the NWS RFCs in system         development and R&D

Hydrologic Science and Modeling Branch (HSMB ) key modeling teams
Distributive Modeling is actively being developed HL-RMS ….
Community Hydrologic Prediction System (CHPS )  the latest NWS Plans
Delft Flood Early Warning System (Delft-FEWS ) a key component.

WMO sponsoredRegional Workshop on Hydrological Forecasting and Real Time Data Management , Dubrovnic, Croatia 11-13 May 2009
Hydrological Forecasting Systems in the Balkan region and elsewhere::
Key papers available on the web site include:
# Use of Meteorological Forecast Data and Products as Input into Hydrological Models. Jozef Roskar, Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia and Branka Ivancan-Picek, Meteorological and Hydrological Service of Croatia

# Integrated atmospheric and hydrology modelling: Relevant WMO atmospheric research projects; Example of atmosphere-hydrology coupling. Slobodan Nickovic, WMO

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