WaterNet Danubian Hydrologic Forecasting Paper

AGU FAll Assembly Paper: 


24th Conference of the Danubian Countries on Hydrologic Forecasting and Basis of Water Management in Bled, Slovenia 2-4 June 2008


We presented a paper on WaterNet showing applications from GLDAS in the DanubianBasin including daily SWE, QPE, Runoff, and Soil Moisture; and invited members of the Danubian research and water management decision-making community to join our WaterNet Community of Practice and partner in developing the European Candidate Solution Report.Over 220 representatives from 21 countries from Germany in the headwaters to Bulgaria at the mouth of the Danube including the UK and US participated in the meetings (CDCHFBWM).Many university students and professors, research and management agencies presented papers on topics from climate change impacts on the Danube to flash flood prediction, drought forecasting, and ecological aspects of Danube flows.Many of these topics fell into the 12 National Applications themes of NASA.


Our paper entitled “WaterNet: the NASA water cycle solutions network – Danubian Regional Applications” by Matthews, Brilly, Kobold, Zagar, and Houser reviewed the philosophy behind WaterNet and NASA’s solutions networks, and then presented results from GLDAS over the region focusing on the Alps, Carpathian Mountains and Hungarian Plain, and the mountains of Montenagro.Results from the Weather Research Forecasting (WRF) model simulations of the 18 September 2007 flash flood in Slovenia were compared with GLDAS and observations indicating the need for high resolution GLDAS modeling.The value of GLDAS soil moisture analyses for drought monitoring was demonstrated.This 15 page paper is available on the conference proceedings CD, from the FGG, University of Ljubljanaand on line in Topic 6: Developments in Hydrology.


New potential collaborators for WaterNet include the Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service(DHMZ), Zagreb;University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences(BOKU), Vienna; Bavarian Environmental Agency (BEA), Munich; University of Belgrade, Serbia; VITAKU Consult, Hungary; Academy of Sciences and Arts of Vojvodina (VANU), Serbia; Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Research Institute (HRI), Kiev; Research Institute for Fisheries, Aquaculture and Irrigation, Hungary; University of Worcester (ASGA), UK.

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