2016 Year of Extremes again

Climate change continued to impact the weather events of 2016. 

January 21, 2016 Extreme East Coast Blizzard Predicted

NWS and the media picked up on an extreme forecast for explosive development and slow movement up the East coast from 22-24 Jan. 2016.  This was a dead hit on Washington, Baltimore, PHL, NYC and the NJ coast where major coastal flooding occurred.  DC, NYC closed offices and all surface traffic on Friday 22Jan as the blizzard’s heavy snow moved up the coast and high winds evolved as explosive deepening off the Va Md shore occurred.  Models predicted this storm quite well and the public officials reacted appropriately.  The media had continuous coverage of the event.  See PPT images of weather event and media.

April 15-20, 2016

Denver and Front Range snow storm dumps up to 51 inches of heavy wet snow on April 15-20, 2016.  This unusual spring storm dumped snow at the rate of 3 inches per hour at our home from 1700-2100 totaling 14 inches.  It closed DIA and I-70 was frequently closed. However by April 18, 2015 I-70 was flowing and we successfully departed DIA for FRA.

Similar heavy spring snow in Slovenia added 50 cm to Kredarica base of 260 cm, and 10 cm in LJU covering Slovenia on April 27, 2016.  It endangered the SLO wine crop in many regions. Skiing resumed at Vogel with 110 cm base that weekend.

Radar 041616

Strong upslope flow persisted for 36 hours


Visible Imagery 041616 15Z



Infra Red Imagery o41616 15Z

QPF accumulated total precipitation


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