WaterNet EU Demo Fall 2008

9/30/2008 10:16:24

WaterNet EU Demonstration Project Meetings in Ljubljana and Wien

Drs. Gregor Gregoric and Mark Zagar, ARSO drought management and numerical modeling leaders met to discuss progress in the demonstration project and specific needs for GLDAS products over the area.These products are produced by the HSB, GSFC, NASA about 5 weeks behind real-time.Dr. Paul Houser’s CREW team may be able to provide real-time simulations and provide those to an anonymous FTP site where ARSO and others may retrieve the files and process them using the GrADS analysis software. This information will be especially useful for the DMCSEE project over SE Europe.

Dr. Thomas Haiden, Head of the Modeling Division, ZAMG met on 26 September to discuss WaterNet and his INCA real-time data assimilation and nowcasting system.This very high resolution (dx=1km) system provides valuable 15 minute QPE and QPF data over the region of the Danube, Drava, Mura, and SavaRivers.We will explore various aspects of the GLDAS and other remote sensing information from NASA for QPE estimation and nowcasting that may be useful to INCA in Austria and Slovenia.

Drs. Mitja Brilly and Matjaz Mikos met to discuss future Waternet plans and the NASA DECISIONS 08 proposal at FGG on 30 September. They are quite interested in how INCA products may enhance hydrologic modeling and surface energy budgets that control erosion in heavy precipitation events.


Return to Slovenia and the EU WaterNet Demonstration Project Fall 2008

Upon return to Slovenia September 18, 2008, we began work on the EU demonstration project and coordination with additional Community of Practice experts in hydrometeorology and water management. Initial efforts included meetings at the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (EARS-ARSO) in Ljubljana, and with ZAMG in Vienna. This project demonstration is designed to show the value of Land Surface Models and data assimilation systems in the Global Land Data Assimilation System (GLDAS) developed by the Hydrologic Science Branch, GSFC, NASA.


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