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Weather modification and water resources management.

Winter Storms 2013-14

Tornadoes and Severe weather 2014

Floods 2014


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Super TYPHOON HAIYAN kills thousands and impacts over 11.3 million people in the Philippiines. 

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Spring Floods Hit Prague

Worst Floods in 10 years hit Prague as over 7000 people were evacuated on June 3, 2013.  The Vltava River threatened Prague, while Bohemia and Moravian suffered severe damage.  Germany, Austria and areas along the Danube had manor damage in low lying flood plains as waters rose above the 1954 markers in Passau on June 3, 2013.  EuroNews provided some interesting video of the flood.

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Spring Snows bring levels above normal

Spring snow storms in March and April significantly increased the Snow Water Content SWE in the central Colorado Rockies. At our weather station CO-SU-06 in Summit County at 9684 ft (2952 m msl) we had 67 and 70 inches respectively in March and April with 4.26 and 5.38 inches of SWE bringing our total depth to 33 inches in April and precipitation for the Water Year to 15.65 at the end of April.  May snow and rain brought the May total to 18.90 inches of SWE and 247 inches of snowfall.

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