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In 2013, after a dry early season mid-February, March, April and May provided heavy snows that brought our Summit County weather station total accumulated WaterYear snow to 243 inches and 18.14 inches of water equivalent on May 31, 2013.  This resulted in excellent late season ski conditions in the central Colorado Rockies. 

Fall 2013 brought good early season snows and excellent ski conditions for the World Cup races at Beaver Creek shown below.  Totals at my Summit weather station SU-6 by December 17, 2013 were 68.7 inches total snow accumulation and 3.89 inches snow water equivalent for the current WaterYear (1 Oct 2013 to 30 September 2014).

In May, our collaborations continued in SLOvenia with Janez Polajnar at ARSO and Mitja Brilly at the University of Ljubljana FGG.  Europe had a very cold, wet, winter with deep snows in the Alps and many storms from the North Atlantic which maintained a deep cold trough over western and central Europe and a warm southerly flow of dry air in eastern Europe that set record high temperatures on the north Finland coast at 29C, while Slovenia remained cool at 10 C setting recod low temperatures at the end of May.  On June 2, the ARSO high altitude observatory at Kredarica (2515 m msl) had 260 cm of snow on the ground.  June is bringing again 100-200 year floods in central Europe, similar to those that caused havoc in 2002 in Prague on the Vltava and Elbe in Germany, and along the Donau from Linz to Budapest.


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Super TYPHOON HAIYAN kills thousands and impacts over 11.3 million people in the Philippiines. 


Spring Floods Hit Prague

Worst Floods in 10 years hit Prague as over 7000 people were evacuated on June 3, 2013.  The Vltava River threatened Prague, while Bohemia and Moravian suffered severe damage.  Germany, Austria and areas along the Danube had manor damage in low lying flood plains as waters rose above the 1954 markers in Passau on June 3, 2013.  EuroNews provided some interesting video of the flood.


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