Climate Change and Natural Variability

Yesterday, 8 October 2018, the IPCC provided an alarmist media proclamation that the world must act immediately to reduce CO2 emissions or we will have severe climatic consequences of warming and sea level rise.  The IPCC again quoted that 97% of scientists confirmed this human caused climate change, and nearly all scientific publications confirm this critical situation due to anthropogenic causes.  Unfortunately this is a biased one-sided unbalanced perspective of True science.  In the links below I will provide a more rational, physically honest set of view points that the climate alarmists proclaim are heretics, untrue, unpublished work.

Climate change facts from the experts:
Professor Emeritus Richard Lindzen (MIT):

QUITE thorough analysis of radiative balance technical, classic lecture at PH D level but yet understandable. Professor Lindzen privides a clear review of the fundamental physical laws that debunk activist theories of human induced global warming:


Global Warming, Lysenkoism & Eugenics - Prof Richard Lindzen

Good intellectual discussion of science evolution and bias w/r climate science globally

These lectures will challenge your intellectual perspective on human impacts on climate variability. They confirm what I have said over the past 20 years. Please take some time to listen to these scientists. It will take time, and you can play the lectures when you want to get a new perspective.
Posted 10-5-2018 Dave

More realistic lectures on Climate Change from Europe:
Global Warming Policy Foundation: Panel of Experts Nigel Wilson
Professor Matt Ridley explains some basics about just why we should not be in fear of "man-made" climate change. Speech was at the Royal Society, UK on the 17th October, 2016. "Skeptics are winning the argument"


Australian perspective:
The CO2 Scam - Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts Nov 8th 2016: "destroyed from within by activists"

NASA Scientist and Canadian Scientists present interesting analyses. NASA scientist shows altered data sets of surface temperature and sea level… Canadian scientist reviews the politics of government science and IPCC…


1000frolly 2 years ago
WELL DONE Ted Cruz for exposing this absolute scam of invented Global Warming. Thumbs DOWN to Obama and his crony's for their vile attacks on real scientists 2:11:00

Dr Fred Goldberg Squashes Climate Alarmism
Published on Mar 17, 2016

Fake Man-Made Climate Change Alarmism has been gripping the planet, and followers of this insidious cult of CO2 have been frightening millions of people for decades. Now Dr Fred Goldman exposes the so-called "Science" of Dangerous Man-Made Climate Change for the complete nonsense that it is:


Curry Christy Mann & Pielke go at it
Published on Mar 30, 2017


Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 10:00am Climate Science: Assumptions, Policy Implications, and the Scientific Method.
Protaganists; Dr. Judith Curry President, Climate Forecast Applications Network; Professor Emeritus, Georgia Institute of Technology
Dr. John Christy Professor and Director, Earth System Science Center, NSSTC, University of Alabama at Huntsville;

State Climatologist, Alabama Michael Mann Self-appointed leader of the CO2-drives-the-climate group-think cabal, subject of the Wegman report into the Hockey Stick fake science, Climate-gate email scandal proponent, expert in pseudo-science, litigious fanatic who loses court cases one after another, thin-skinned verbiage abuse expert, hide-the-decline instigator, Geologist who continuously claims to be a 'climate scientist' when he has no such qualification, Ad-Hominem practitioner, untrustworthy man with VERY small hands; Trofim Lysenko reborn.

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. Professor, Environmental Studies Department, University of Colorado

10 09 2018
Burt Rutan; the Real Climate Change Data
THIS IS  A VERY NICE VIEW of CO2 and climate change.  An honest engineer’s perspective of the fundamentals and clarification of the “alarmist” charts, data and rhetoric for scare tactics that the media has pushed.

Published on Jul 12, 2015

Aviation pioneer Burt Rutan presents the real data on climate change and global warming. The effects of our CO2 on the planet are also investigated.

Climate Scientist Murry Salby Returns! - Presents NEW SCIENCE
Published on Jun 24, 2015


Author of the seminal book on climate; "Physics of the Atmosphere & Climate" Professor Murry Salby is without doubt one of the best Climate Scientists on the planet. In a lecture in London on the 17th March, 2015, he reveals new work which shows that; 1) The climate sensitivity is below 0.2c - confirmed by 3 independent methods. 2) Most of the observed increase in atmospheric CO2 is not anthropogenic. 3) CO2 movements and concentrations are largely determined by nature, not man; consequently, any cuts we make to our CO2 emissions will not have the desired effect, and are a costly waste of time. 4) CO2, whether man-made or not, does not 'drive' the climate system. Professor Murry Salby has been vilified by enviro-alarmists and the left for his scientific results. Salby was disenfranchised and exiled from academia in Australia for daring to speak such “sacrilege.” In a case similar to many others we have seen in Australia, and across the west, he was the subject of University hate and was finally sacked while he was on a lecture tour in Europe; his employer, Macquarie University of NSW, sacking him from his position as Professor of Climate Science. The University board cancelled his return ticket home, stranding him in Paris. All Salby's work was confiscated and has still not been returned to him. The pursuit of genuine Science in the field of climate - and free speech are Dead in most Western Universities: Other cases where top scientists were vilified and sacked or demoted by a University for the results of their science or for their views on the climate include; Bob Carter, Murry Salby Lennart Bengtsson, David Legates, George Taylor, Caleb Rossiter, Bjorn Lomborg, Henk Tennekes, Askel Winn-Nielsen, Alfonso Sutera, Anonio Speranza and scores of others.

Science & Technology

Germany's Renewable's Disaster - Prof Fritz Vahrenholt
The Global Warming Policy Foundation: Restoring balance and trust to the climate debate


Published on Jan 27, 2018

Professor Fritz Vahrenholt of Hamburg University speaks about the 'clean' energy revolution going on in Germany. The average German family is paying US$400 per year more for their energy, and the cost of the move to 50% wind and solar power has cost the country over US$30 billion. Meanwhile, Germany's emissions are going up, and have been for several years, while the USA's emissions continue to fall. If the contained emissions in the wind farms and solar panels are included, no savings in CO2 emissions are made. The main effect of the move to renewable energy, appears to have been a large transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in Germany.

Prof Vahrenholt wrote the excellent book "The Neglected Sun" along with co-author Prof Luning. Highly recommended read!


Physics Nobel Laureate; "Global Warming" is Pseudoscience


Published on Jan 21, 2018

Professor Ivar Giaever, Nobel Laureate in Physics destroys the pseudoscience of 'man-made global warming' through CO2. 1000Frolly channel relies on your generosity and support to keep up the fight against the forces of pseudo-science.  Professor Ivar Giaever, the 1973 Nobel Prizewinner for Physics trashes the global warming/climate change/extreme weather pseudoscientific clap-trap and tells Obama he is "Dead Wrong". This was the 2012 meeting of Nobel Laureates. The 2015 speech by Prof Giaever is here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCy_U...


Climate Debate - Mann vs Curry & Moore June 2018


A balanced debate on climate change….
Published on Jul 22, 2018

Charleston, West Virginia, June 12, 2018. Dr. Michael Mann, Dr. David Titley, Dr. Patrick Moore and Dr. Judith Curry met in to discuss climate change.

They were asked two questions: -

 To what extent is the use of fossil fuels affecting climate change? -

What can and should be done to offset those effects?
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Michael Mann’s Activist perspective of IPCC support, we must double the rate of sea level rise by 2x…  letter to the editor of Wall St Journal denial of “most basic facts”… unprecedented droughts lead to national security problems, wild fires…. perpetual fires… coastal damage inflicted by climate change, adapt?  No further fossil fuel use…

Dr. Judith Curry substantial disagreement, no unified theory fo climate predictability… must look at the whole elephant, not just the tusk.  IPCC consensus no longer supported due to manufactured political concensus.  

Dr. Moore, IPCC does not say that hurricanes and tornadoes are increasing in Climate change, but the media does.."This has become some kind of religion, even the Pope is into it."

Admiral Titley believes national security is at risk for many factors from sea level rise to 500 million displaced people.

SEE: 1000Frolly for more youtube lectures and articles on climate change