Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Davos

11/13/2008 19:36:50


Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Davos


At the end of October we met with Drs. Michael Lehning and Jurg Schweizer at the SLF in Davos to discuss WaterNet and including the snow and avalancSLFPoHSonnLabfull.jpghe experts in our Community of Practice.Their experience in the Alps will provide an outstanding contribution to the NASA land surface modeling teamwork.They are partners and Co-investigators on our DECISIONS08 proposal that follows ourWaterNet EU Candidate Solution Report.SLF research involves many fundamental aspects of alpine hydrology and snow and ice physics. Alpine observatories like Hohler Sonnblick below left are very important monitors of climate variability and change as well as avalanche research.The SLF in Davos has a staff of over 130 scientists and engineers who study Alpine environmental research topics ranging from integrated risk management to the snow SLFDavosLab08.jpgmetamorphism of ice crystals and the formation of avalanches, and forecasting.






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October Lectures and ARSO Meetings

 In early October I met with ARSO experts to discuss WaterNet and progress in developing the EU WaterNet Demonstration Project which would apply various NASA products to decision-making.GLDAS – EU-LDAS appeared to be an excellent potential NASA Research result that had value for decision-making in the hydrometeorological analysis and forecasting arena.Discussions with CREW ensued to develop a regional product for real-time applications over Europe.

Professor Brilly, FGG, invited Dr. Matthews to provide two lectures for his Hydrology II class.These lectures are available as PDF files on this web site – see Hydrology II.1 and Hydrology II.2. References are located in the Newsflashes on this web site. Search for Lecture.